Offering onsite convenient and cost affective mobile hearing testing to help industries comply with MIOSHA mandated Occupational Health programs.  





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Our technicians have successfully completed a CAOHC-approved hearing conservation course and are under the supervision of a license certified audiologist. All audiometric testing is conducted onsite our mobile  testing units with minimal disruption to production.   All testing and calibration procedures, as well as recordkeeping, are in compliance with the MIOSHA Occupational Noise Exposure standard .  Upon completion of the testing, results are explained to the employee & they receive  a copy of their audiogram.  A complete Hearing Conservation Program report will be provided to the company.


Setting the standard in Audiometric Testing.

· Experienced, CAOHC certified technicians.

· OSHA –required calibration checks conducted daily.

· Audiologist review of all problem audiograms which might indicate hearing damage.

· Easy to understand employee and management reports returned promptly to you.

· Excellent attenuation of ambient noise during testing.





Greater accuracy & comprehensive reporting

All testing is conducted with Benson Micro-processor Audiometers, Model  CCA-200.  Tests can be administered in 14 different languages.  Software automatically marks errors, retests errors and questionable thresholds & generates real-time STS calculations with age correction.   Software uses historical levels for improved accuracy & reduces testing time up to 40% thus providing the lowest possible impact on production. 


Hearing Conservation 

Individuals with hearing loss constitute the single largest disability group in America.  Approximately 30 million workers are exposed to noise levels that are potentially hazardous to their hearing.    Noise-induced hearing loss is a significant cause of occupational and recreational disability.  Fortunately noise-induced

hearing loss can be reduced through the application of Hearing Conservation Programs.  A successful program benefits both the company and  employees.  Employees are spared disabling hearing impairments, and evidence suggests that they may experience less fatigue and generally better health.  Ultimately, the company benefits from reduced medical expenses and worker compensation insurance.  In some cases there may be improved morale and work efficiency.



The effects of excessive noise exposure on communication & performance may include:


     *Difficulty Concentrating

     *Reduced efficiency

     *Low morale

     *Increased blood pressure & pulse rate

     *Loss of sleep

     *Adverse social behavior

Benefits to customer

An audiometric testing program is only as good as the reporting and documentation that's generated.   Our top notch equipment and software allows for follow-up testing faster and more accurately than our competition. Our strategic location in West Michigan allows provide our services at a lower cost to you.  We offer full compliance services with hearing conservation programs fro noise monitoring, training, audiometric testing, to review of your required programs so that you are 100% compliant.  Our technicians are safety professionals with a level II MIOSHA safety certification who understand MIOSHA standards. Contact us today for more details!